A pesar de los tiempos de crisis que se viven, algunos se buscan las vueltas para llevar a cabo las iniciativas que les rondan la cabeza. Ese es el caso de Hernán Cattaneo, que estrena sello. Para ser más concretos, sello digital.

Llega bajo el nombre de Sudbeat y por lo que sabemos tiene bien clara su filosofía: centrará su atención tanto en productores ya consolidados como en artistas no tan conocidos.

Y como no, el propio Cattaneo también incluirá sus propios temas. La primera referencia para este sello es “Moon EP”, de Danny Howells.

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May 2009

1-Guy J-Lamour (Henry Saiz) Bedrock
2-Rob Curtis-Bakcheia (Dale Anderson Remix)Whose Haus
3-Guy Guerber-Sugar cane-Supplemet Facts
4-Marc Poppcke & Virginia -See my eyes (Sei a remix)
5-V/A -Natura Sonoris Compilation 2009
6-Wendy & Lisa-Fire regeneration (Daneel Remix)
7- Seiiza-Alma (Peter Grummich Remix)
8-One Of Them – Niko Its A Bad Dream (Gravity Pimps Remix)Fade
9- Nick Varon -Say No More
10-Neil Quigley-That Whole Thing
11-Dyed Soundroom-Aguacate-Supplement Facts
12-Paul Ritch-Split The Line – Dubfire
13-Clitter-Mr Flavour
14-Danny Bonnici-Crooked Fruit
15-Kriece – Zombie Funk(Martin Eyerer remix) Kindred_Sounds
16-Andy Chatterley & Clinton Brown -Solidarity-Forensic
17-Mark Duffin – Singular-Tango Recordings
18-HMC Terra Bola -HypeMuzik
20-Satoshi Fumi-Soner

April 2009

1-Tom Middleton-Album Remixes-Renaissance
2-My My-Goimg Going Gone-Aus Music
3-World is Ours Compilation VOL 2 -Konsequenz
4-Reshuffle – The upper shelf-Suplement Facts
5-Steffan Linzatti-The World Ends With You
6-Francesco Pico-Imaging Sounds 2-OTB
7-James Blonde & Sebastian Roya-Slamboya-Konsequenz
8-Alex Dolby-Polarity(Chloe Harris and Andrew Cox remix)
9- Man Like Me – London Town (Tommy Four Seven Dub Mix) – Our Time Records
10-Rone – La Dame Blanche ep-InFiné
11-AMB – Lil (Tiger Stripes Remix 2) [EQ Grey]12-Charlie May-Not my cat-La tour
13-Pini F – Diver Deep (Robot Needs Oil Mix)Brandnewvibe
14-Manuel Sofia-Spirale-Natura Sonoris
15-Neil Quigley -Air Raid
16-Russian Linesman – Amsterdam Story (Eelke Kleijn Remix)
17-Dj Paul-Casa del mar
18-Anderson Noise-Alcateia
19-Yvel & Tristan – Panama (Eelke Kleijn Remix)
20-Sasse-Le Deep-Berwick St
March 2009

1-Ben Watt-Guinea Pig Remixes-Buzzin Fly
2-Nomad in the Dark- Neriya/Attia (Stripped Recordings)
3-Martin Brodin-Homage-Seamless
4-Sasse & Nick Chacona-Integral/Stellar-Forensic
5-Mutant Clan-Perfect Place-Connaisseur
6-Paco Buggin – Siliconema (Baunder remix)
7-Florian Kruse ft. Saara – Thrill (Vincenzo & Elmar Schubert Remix) – Dieb Audio 006
9-Spencer Parker & Diesel pres. CoL AB – Zanzibar-Saved
10-Chris Fortier – Losing Wait (John Selway, Gavin Herlihy & Jamie Stevens Remixes)Fade
12-Tigran Oganezov-Voo Doo (Gary Optim Remix)
13-Bradler & Dualton-Red Asian Bag(Pig&Dan)-Flow Vinyl
15-Davi-Delysid-Subtract Music
16-Piemont – Digits Died Out (Baunder Unofficial remix)
19-James Talk & Tom Budden-Sao Paulo(Futureshock)
February 2009

1-Danny Howells-Dig 001-Dig Deeper
2-Luciano Pizzella-We need it-SAW
3-5 Years Of Great Stuff-Great Stuff
4-Martin Brodin-Galaxis-Deep-Deeplay Soultec
5-Tom Budden-Smoulder
6-Estroe-Too far away-Mina Records
7-Darko Esser-Cold Feet (Tommy Four Seven Remix) – EQ
8-Addled-Where I am
10-Tim Cook-Jericho-Stripped Digital
11-Isole-October-Diynamic Music
12-Martin Eyerer-Cave Canen-Great Stuff
13-Remo-Coming from the hole
15-Francisco Allendes-Espiritu
16-Bs As deep – I See You (Distaff)
18-Kenneth Thomas & Shawn Michaels- Funktion Won (Veerus & Maxine Devine) Perfecto Black
19-Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson – Mumu
20-Silinder-Second thought
January 2009

1-John Digweed & Nick Muir-Aqua Tonic-Bedrock
3-James Mowbray & Leiam Sullivan-Tell Me I Can (Christian Prommer Remix)Four Twenty
4-Claudio Mate – 8th Dimension (Jerome Sydhenam Remix) Lilith
5-Andy Chatterlery-Jet-Saved
6-Dop-Mambojumbo(Guy Gerber)
7-Djorvin Clain-Unwritten Secrets(Tadeo Remix)Overflow
8-Josh Wink-Cunter Clock 319-Ovum
9-Pole Folder – The Way (Spooky) La Tour
10-Jerome Sydenham, Nagano Kitchen-GSXR 810 (Adam Beyer Remix Part 1)
11-Fefo & Dario Arcas – From Heaven To Earth (Henry Saiz)Noizen
12-Tonnsaied – Atoms (Bs As deep)Onward
13-Dzi aka Luke Dzierzek – Unleash (Joel Mull Remix)Fling
14-Dirty Disorder-Life In A Fishbowl
15-Fiord – Get Up Jude (Beckers Remix)Vapour
16-Stephen Laverty – Wrongsville Express (Victoria R Remix)
17-Yousef – Death Delay Dub-Circus
18-Djuma Soundsystem Bipolar (Nomad in the Dark Remix)
19-Steve Mill- In The Distance-Dyami
20-Kellerkind-Don´t go-Flash

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